Screenshot of iClue


I’m an apple OS X user and CLUE doesn’t run on OS X, that was my motivation for writing this program. I’m not going to release the source code for this. This is because releasing the decompression/decryption algorithm would in effect expose all intellectual property of CLUE. You could just dump the content of the dictionaries to text files and I’m not sure that is fair. All work on iClue this is done by me, personally. Comments goes here: (Please don’t ask for the source or dictionaries. Questions regarding source-code will find it’s way into the trash. Dictionaries can be bought at clue




Provided as is. I’m not responsible for any loss resulting from the use of this. Use it at your own risk!


  • READ the Limitations!
  • Download the dmg, drag iClue into your Applications folder (same old, same old).
  • You’ll need to have access to or copy of an installed version on windows.
  • Open preferences and in the dictionary-pane hit the +
  • Add the idx-files
  • If you are lucky things will work.

Limitations / bugs

  • No concatenation of multiple definitions. They will appear as duplicate keywords with different definitions.
  • No jump to synonyms. »foo means that you should search for foo instead.
  • No line wrapping.
  • Some search issues.